Infragistics XamRibbon End-User Customization Dialog

Atanas Dyulgerov / Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Infragistics Silverlight XamRibbon got a configuration dialog in NetAdvantage 2012.1!

By default it is accessible from the Quick Access Toolbar drop down menu –> More Commands. The new configuration dialog is also accessible by right clicking the ribbon and then pressing Customize QAT or Customize Ribbon.

When you open it you have two tabs with configs. The first one is the Ribbon config and the second is the Quick Access Toolbar.

Both customization tabs list all available commands in appropriate groups on the left as you can see from the screenshots and you can add them to the right where you have the current layout for the ribbon or QAT. Once you click ok, the changes are applied. The layout list on the right allows you to add, remove and reorder commands. In the ribbon tab you can also create groups and tabs. In both tabs you can import/export and reset the layout and the customizations by using the buttons in the lower right part of the dialog. In the QAT tab you have one more setting – Show the Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon or not.

Opening the toolbar can be done from code too. If you need to do it from some other UI element you can find the instance of the ribbon and call its ShowCustomizationDialog method. As a parameter you can pass a RibbonCustomizationType, which can be either Default, Ribbon or QuickAccessToolbar, depending on which tab you want to open.

The customization window is enabled by default, but you can specify if you want the ribbon or the Quick Access Toolbar to be configurable. The ribbon has a property RibbonCustomizationDialogWindow which in turn has two boolean properties – AllowRibbonToolCustomization and AllowQATToolCustomization. As I mentioned default for both of those is true.

I hope this has been useful and you will enjoy using it! Have an awesome day!