Triangle .NET User Group March Meeting Follow-up

Brent Schooley / Monday, March 18, 2013

The second stop on my Brent Goes South For the Winter Tour was the Triangle .NET User Group (TriNUG) Main Meeting for March.  The meeting was on March 13, 2013 at Microsoft’s Research Triangle Park Office. 

Meeting recap

I made a rough count at the beginning of the session and there were roughly 60 people at the meeting.  I gave my “Designing for Windows 8” talk, gave away a copy of Designing for Windows 8, and answered a lot of really great questions.

Many of the questions and concerns raised in the session were regarding learning Windows 8 as users.  I think Scott Hanselman has done a very good job of explaining Windows 8 with his post from January entitled "The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video".  I would encourage everyone to watch this video if they are having concerns about Windows 8 usability.

Some concerns were also raised regarding larger screen sizes and Windows 8.  For more information on how to deal with screen sizes in your application design, check out this set of guidance on MSDN or read the section of Designing for Windows 8 that deals with designing for form factors.


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