Developer News - What's IN with the Infragistics Community? (11/30-12/13)

Dara Monasch / Monday, December 14, 2015

And we're back with another installment of Developer News! You're going to love what's come up for this roundup -- SO many diverse articles for you to check out.

8. 12 Most Useful Code Review Tools for Programmers (DevCodeGeek)

7. If You're New To Coding, This is the Language You Should Learn First (Business Insider)

6. 3 Hottest Javascript Frameworks (VitaminTalent)

5. Scott Hanselman's Best Demo! IoT, Azure, Machine Learning & More! (Ch9)

4. Why Computer Programmers Need to Stop Calling Themselves Engineers (Business Insider)

3. A Programmer Wrote Scripts to Secretly Automate His Job (Independent UK)

2. Learn and Understand AngularJS (Udemy)

1. Software Engineering Daily: Coding Bootcamps Question the Need for CS Degrees (GeekWire)