Why you need a Silverlight Migration Strategy

Michael DiFilippo / Friday, May 27, 2016

It’s been nearly ten years since the dawn of Silverlight’s release. In late 2015 the Microsoft team announced for it’s latest version, Silverlight 5, a road-map which includes a projected time-frame to maintain support - effective through 2021.

Silverlight’s official road-map

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari no longer support Silverlight, Mozilla Firefox will discontinue support for Silverlight within the next year.

Compatible Operating Systems and Browsers

Things to take into consideration when planning a Silverlight migration strategy:

Here are some questions you may be asking yourself:

1. Am I ready for HTML 5, or other technologies?
2. I’m ready but where do I begin?
3. How long can I maintain our Silverlight apps?
4. Which applications are capable of migrating? Which applications are not feasible?
5. Is there a demand for it? (e.g. End-users seeking new features)
6. Would I be willing to support older browsers? (eg. justify supporting a plug-in due to its maturity)

It is vital to have access to the latest tools, the right tools, to get the job done and exceed expectations for your next application. 

Establishing a migration strategy will lay the ground work and stand as a blueprint for new and existing projects. You should begin planning what platform you will migrate to as soon as possible as that decision will save you time, energy and resources.

You need a plan that's easy for you and your team to follow. Whether you decide to move to HTML 5 with Angular or another platform, having a strategy will ensure a seamless migration so that their business and personal core values are met with minimal amount of downtime.

Technological advancements help evolve the methods of building great software and change is inevitable. But change can happen gradually. It's important to have sound strategy; so that it will help you make the right choices and build new and exciting experiences.

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