ReportPlus v2.0 released!! More than 50% off for April!!

Guillermo Lopez / Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm very pleased to announce that a brand new release of ReportPlus is available for download in the app store. It's the second major release, ReportPlus v2.0, and It shipped with some amazing features such as:

  • iPhone support, 
  • Dashboard styling & branding
  • Dashboard Templates
  • Localization
  • Open & Save from repositories in the Cloud
  • Password locked dashboards
  • Plus a host of new data source connectors

This release was aimed at broadening the audience and appeal of the application. It's about giving more options to the user, at very different levels, device, style, languages, and also connectors. Always staying true to the vision of a self service & collaborative approach to generating business intelligence assets anywhere, allowing to share them in different formats.

Not only iPad anymore

With version 2.0 ReportPlus stops being an iPad only application, to include iPhone support as well. Taking after SharePlus, we've made ReportPlus a universal build. Meaning with the same purchase you can get it in all your iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad).

It's a pocket version of the iPad's user interface, but it has all the same features and capabilities of the iPad experience, so you can use it both for viewing, and for creating dashboards.

iPhone Business Intelligence

Dashboard Styling & Branding

From now on, ReportPlus' dashboards don't have to stick with the same look & feel of white background and dark titles. You can style both at the dashboard level, as well as at the widget level background color, title, margins, paddings, etc. 

We did this for two reasons. The first one is to allow the designer of a dashboard to incorporate gestalt principles of visual perception, such as: proximity, enclosure, and similarity into the dashboard design process . By establishing (or removing) margins, and borders between dashboard widgets the user is able to provide grouping and association cues, that will help the viewer digest the information better.

The second one is to enable the designer to incorporate corporate branding material into the dashboard design, something that according to our user base is desirable in some scenarios, specially when dashboards are being shared across organisational boundaries, and you need to leave a very clear mark of where the value was generated from. 

The following are two sample styled dashboards.


Mobile BI Dashboard

Dashboard Templates

Dashboard templates are pre canned dashboards meant to minimize the time to value of the application. It's a shortcut to have a dashboard up & running connected to your data, without the need for the user to be savvy on concepts such as data aggregations, and data analysis. It's included in the dashboard creation process as an alternative option. This release ships with 10 preloaded templates, with time, we'll be adding more and improving the existing ones. 

Dashboard Template ReportPlus

Open & Save dashboards from shared repositories

Some users would generate awesome dashboards, and would email them to management. Management would be delighted, but would always request some change, which leads to another email with the modified version, and then another, and before you know it you have different versions of the same dashboard on your inbox. Version 2.0 enhances this type of collaboration by allowing users to save and open dashboards from shared file repositories such as: SharePoint, Google Drive, and Dropbox, making this iterative dashboard design process flow better. By the way the enterprise version has an even improved version of this, but I won't go into that now.

ReportPlus Open Dashboard

Password locked dashboards

Enabled password lock in order to share dashboard for viewing only purposes, retaining control over who makes changes to a dashboard's design.


More & more popular data source connectors

ReportPlus v2.0 ships with support for connecting to many new data sources, among them:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce
  • PostgreSQL
  • Hadoop Hive
  • Google Drive
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Twitter

Promotional price for the next 5 days

Get a 66% discount by purchasing it before May comes! Then it will go back to it's 29.99 usual price.