ReportPlus v2.1 available for download

Guillermo Lopez / Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm happy to announce that we've released v2.1. This release shipped the following new features:

Calculated fields post aggregation

A new type of calculated field is introduced, which enables computing expressions after the pivot table summarization has taken place. This new type of calculated field is created by tapping the button with the +fx icon, on top of the values placeholder, in the pivot table section. 

ReportPlus Calculated Fields Post Pivot Table

This screenshot displays a justified percentage calculated field, which divides number of justification over total absences for employees. 

Dashboard Themes

The ability to switch the visual style of a dashboard, just by selecting one of a set of preloaded themes, with a predefined style. This version shipped with six themes, we will improve them in our next releases. To change a dashboard theme tap on Dashboard Settings>Style>Current Theme.

Dashboard Theme

Grid View Alignment & Font size customization

This version introduced the ability to customize the alignment for the different field types (Text, Date, Number), and also font size.

IMG 0838

This can be configured for all fields of a specific type, but can also be overridden for a specific field.

Custom Font Size

Chart Layouts

Version 2.1 also introduces predefined layout options for charts, which define the way charts are rendered, turning on, and off left axis display, and on top of the columns data labels. 

Chart Layouts

Expand columns in Analysis Services result sets

Now not only rows can be expanded in Analysis services result sets, but also columns.

In order to expand rows you must tap on the first column, in the row you want to expand. This will prompt a small window with three buttons (expand, drill down, drill up).

Expand Rows in SSAS

Now the same applies for Columns.

Expand Columns 

Auto refresh Interval configuration

Now users can specify a time interval that ReportPlus will use to refresh the data automatically for each of the widgets of a dashboard. This enables using ReportPlus dashboards to report status on a continuous basis, air played to a LCD screen. 

Auto  Refresh ReportPlus

Some days after releasing v2.1, we submitted v2.1.1 as a foliow up to address one critical issue introduced by v2.1. Version 2.1.1 is already available to download.