• Beta HTML Prototype Viewer

    UPDATE - In our most recent "Update 12" to Indigo Studio, we now offer you the HTML URL to copy in the share dialog, so you don't have to manually add the ".html" described below for new shares. :)

    Indigo Studio Beta HTML Share URL


    Earlier this week we quietly released a pretty significant release for Indigo--the Beta of our HTML prototype viewer!

    Indigo HTML Prototype Viewer

    You can see in the URL above that it is HTML, right? ;) Well you…

    • Thu, Apr 18 2013
  • Improved Exporting and Sharing

    Hi y'all! Just wanted to let you know that we released a pretty useful update (Build 1.0.113) that includes:

    • Added Ability to Generate Prototype to Local Folder for Sharing on Internal Servers, Public Folders, etc.
    • Improved Share and Export Experience
    • Added Export of Screens with any Referenced Image Assets (Including Optional Zipping)
    • Share/Export from Project & Design Tabs Right-Click
    • Hit Enter…
    • Wed, Apr 10 2013
  • Top Five Usability Sweeteners in Indigo Studio

    I doubt any of you may have used Indigo Studio as much as I have, but that can change. Here are my five usability sweeteners/addictions that make time spent building prototypes…sweet! Some are more obvious than others, but you will eventually run into them if you end up using Indigo like we do here at Infragistics. Think of these features as workflow accelerators.

    #1 Alt+Click or Alt+Drag to add elements


    • Mon, Apr 8 2013
  • HTML Prototype Viewer Sneak Peek

    Rove on iPad mini

    So you've been using Indigo Studio for a while now, and you're thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could run my Indigo prototypes without requiring Silverlight? I mean, that would be awesome! Then I could see and evaluate my prototypes on mobile devices." We agree!

    I've got some good news. Today I'm sharing a sneak peek of the work we've been doing to make that a reality. Above you see our built…

    • Sat, Apr 6 2013