Infragistics Friends Group Presentation: Chrome Apps and Node-Webkit - Event Recap

[Infragistics] Mihail Mateev / Thursday, March 13, 2014

Infragistics Friends group and jQuery Sofia with the help of Infragistics Inc.  organized a presentation on the following topic: Chrome Apps and Node-Webkit .

The event was held on Tuesday, March 11h, 2014 at Infragistics Bulgaria Office, 110B, Simeonovsko Shosse Bul., Sofia, Bulgaria.

This was a practical session how to create Chrome applications for different platforms Windows/OS X/Linux/Android/iOS

Speaker was Boris Simandoff - a software evangelist and entrepreneur, Boris is one of the co-founders of FinAnalytica, a company that was awarded as № 1 Market Risk Solution Provider in 2012. He is co-inventor and patent holder of the "Risk Management Using Heavy Tails" system. Over the past 3 years, Boris has been involved in product management for large-scale projects at Chaos Group, a Bulgarian company providing innovative rendering solutions for the global visualization industries. At Chaos Group, he leads projects related to the V-Ray Application SDK (C++/Java/.NET/Node.js/Python) and V-Ray Distributed Cloud Services. The Bulgarian Presidency awarded Chaos Group as Innovative Company of the Year 2012. @simandoff


This presentation covered:

  • What are Chrome apps
  • Advantages of Chrome Apps
  • Difference between Web and Chrome App
  • Architecture Lifecycle


  • Chrome APIs
  • Manifest Permissions
  • NODE-Webkit
  • And many demos… 

Special thanks to Boris Simandoff for the awesome presentation and to for the opportunity to have one of the first chromebooks in Bulgaria!


Notes from the presentation on "Chrome Apps and Node-Webkit" are available here:



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