JSNext Bulgaria 2014–Event Recap

[Infragistics] Mihail Mateev / Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On November 23 was held the first event focused on the cutting edge JavaScript technologies – JSNext Bulgaria 2014. JSnext  is the largest conference in Bulgaria for JavaScript technologies.

What is JSNext Bulgaria

  • The very first conference in Bulgaria dedicated to the cutting edge JavaScript and related JS frameworks
  • An event organized with the support of Infragistics, jQuery Sofia UG, Infragistics Friends ( BI & .Net) UG and many volunteers
  • Thanks to the sponsors who helped cover the expenses!
  • An one day event with sessions dedicated to all that is JavaScript.
  • It is a chance for the local community to immerse in their favorite web technologies
  • The largest event for WEB developers in Bulgaria for 2014
  • JSNext Bulgaria inherits jQuery Bulgaria event


Why  JSNext Bulgaria

  • JavaScript is not jQuery any more
  • JSNext (aka JS version next ) Bulgaria is an event about cutting edge JS-related technologies


Event history:

After the few successful “Saturday” format events across different platforms and jQuery Bulgaria conference, the JavaScript event received major interest.

JSNext inherits jQuery Bulgaria conference, but JSNext Bulgaira is a new kind of event :
mainly targeting the latest and the future JavaScript technologies

Infragistics confirmed its support for the event: Thanks to Jason Beres: VP of Development Tools,  Product Management, Community and Evangelism @ Infragistics
Thanks to all community leaders who also confirmed their support!

We chose Sofia Event Center as the best location for this event.

All our speakers are also volunteers – they decided to cover their own expenses to be possible to avoid charging community members






Infragistics participation in the event:

Infragistics was the main sponsor and organizer of the event.

There was one keynote session and one technical presentation from Infragistics Inc.:


Some statistic

  • Nearly 750 registrations
  • More than 600 attendees on site
  • First event in Bulgaria, dedicated to the cutting edge JavaScript related technologies. 
  • The biggest event for WEB developers in Bulgaria this year
  • A Free event for student, academics and community leads
  • 22 sessions in 4 tracks
  • Attendees from 6 countries (Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia , Romania and Bulgaria)
  • 25 Speakers from 4 countries (Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia and Bulgaria )

Pictures from the event:

Some photos are available here .

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Warm Regards,
Team JSNext Bulgaria