Microsoft DevDay Kyiv–Event Recap

[Infragistics] Mihail Mateev / Saturday, October 04, 2014

The event was held on Tuesday, September 30th at Golf Center, m. Kyiv Avenue, Heroes of Stalingrad 10-D (Obolonska naberezhna, 20) . Microsoft DevDay Kyiv is one of the biggest  Microsoft community events in Germany, organized from Microsoft Ukraine.  

Infragistics was presented at Microsoft DevDay Kyiv by me by me as a speaker.

This was the sixth event with Infragistics in Ukraine. Infragistics Inc. was the only one component vendor with a speaker at the conference. Participants gave a good feedback about the company presentations.  There was also an interest in the  Infragistics expertise, related to Development Tools,  Data Visualization and Business Solutions. Infragistics presentation included  samples  implemented with the company products like  Ignite UI and dev. tools for other platforms. Company is now well-known in the region and have more closer contacts with professionals, community  members and companies from this region.


The conference venue early morning before the conference starts


David Chappell is doing the keynote


Microsoft DevDay Kyiv attendees




Infragistics sessions



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