New features in NetAdvantage for Windows Phone Vol.11.2

[Infragistics] Mihail Mateev / Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the next few days is coming one of the most interesting packages with components for Windows Phone - NetAdvantage for Windows Phone Vol. 11.2.


This product follows Shared XAML goals across all XAML products, including many components available in NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization and Line of Business products. NetAdvantage for Windows Phone offers also new innovative controls to help developers achieve better productivity when building Windows Phone applications.

The new version will give you exciting new components like:

  • XamInputs controls (including XamCurrencyInput, XamMaskedInput, XamNumericInput )
  • XamRating control
  • Access control
  • Persistence Framework
  • XamFunnelChart
  • Infragistics Math Library
  • Infragistics Math Calculators

XamDataChart is updated, offering several new features, including:

  • Error Bars
  • Correlation Formula
  • Trend Lines

In this product you could also see a well-known than the previous release:

  • PieChart (XamPieChart )
  • BulletGraph (XamBulletGraph)
  • Gauges (XamRadialGauge, XamLinearGauge, XamSegmentedDisplay)
  • Barcodes (XamBarcode)
  • Info Box (XamInfoBox)
  • Windows (XamWindow)
  • Message Box (XamMessageBox)
  • Slider (XamSlider)

New Features Overview

XamInputs Controls

The controls in the XamInputs group are meant to guide the users during data entry and give you an opportunity to check if the entered data meets some predefined criteria. The controls are cross-platform by design therefore you can use them in Windows Phone, Silverlight or WPF interchangeably. The input controls can be used as standalone textboxes or in combination with other controls.

  • XamMaskedEditor

You can make different masks like a phone number mask with required (‘#’) or non-required (‘9’) digits like so – “(###)####-###”


  • XamCurrencyInput

You could to add a XamCurrencyInput control to your application configured with several common masks to support currency symbols.



  • XamNumericInput

The XamNumericInput as the name suggest also accepts only digits and they can be restricted not only via a mask but by a minimum and maximum values.




The XamRating control allows your users to add customized rating capability to their applications. The control allows you to display rating images to the end users and record their input when they tap on an image.

Important features of the XamRating control :

  •  Rating - It stores the current rating (value). It is set when the user tap on a RatingItem (usually displayed as a star). It also can be set by code, for example, to show decimal values.
  • RatingAverage - It stores the user’s average rating. The average value is determined by the value specified for each rating item. This is determined by setting the Value property for each RatingItem object in the RatingItems collection. The average value is then calculated based on which item was clicked and the number of clicks (RatingCount).
  • RatingCount - It stores how many times the user has voted.
  • Orientation – Display the Rating control horizontally or vertically.
  • Precision - Defines how the rating value will be displayed. Possible values: Half (default), Exact, Whole.




Access control (XamAccessControl)

This is an exciting new control which allows developers to use various social media authentication capability to authenticate their own applications. XamAccessControl provides  a way to let users log-in with their existing Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Live ID credentials in Windows Phone applications. The control implements the oAuth 1.0x protocol for Twitter and oAuth 2.0 protocol for Facebook, Gmail and Live ID, providing a way to retrieve additional user-data at log-in time.



Persistence Framework

In the new 11.2 Release you could use Persistence Framework library, available also for Silverlight and WPF products.

With the Persistence Framework, you can persist control settings from any dependency object (including non-Infragistics controls) using Infragistics' Control Persistence Framework to manage saving and loading of those settings you want persisted to any external source like a file or a database. This framework makes it very easy for you to give your users the ability to save off their preferences and the layout of your application's user interface down to detailed settings such as which grid columns are fixed, and then re-load that same layout when they come back again.


Funnel Chart (XamFunnelChart)

Another new component in the new Windows Phone 11.2 release is a XamFunnelChart. This control  represents a chart with a funnel shape. It displays sections in a top-down composition each representing the data as slices from largest value to the smallest value

Slice Selection


Use Bezier Curve in Funnel Chart



Infragistics Math Library

The Infragistics Math Library is a library of mathematical and statistical structures and functions that you can use with all NetAdvantage products.

The Infragistics Math Library extends the operations in the System.Math class to several new mathematical objects:

  • Complex Numbers
  • Mathematical constants
  • Vectors
  • Complex vectors
  • Boolean vectors
  • Matrices
  • Complex matrices
  • Boolean matrices


Infragistics Math Calculators

The Infragistics Math Calculators is a library of mathematical and statistical calculators that you can use with all our NetAdvantage® products to compute various calculations.


XamDataChart New Features


  •  New Chart Series

In the new 11.2 Release XamDataChart received an additional 15 new series:

  • Custom Series / Series Inheritance
  • Bar
  • Stacked100Bar
  • Stacked100Column
  • StackedBar
  • StackedColumn
  • Point
  • StackedArea
  • Stacked100Area
  • StackedLine
  • Stacked100Line
  • StackedSpline
  • Stacked100Spline
  • StackedSplineArea
  • Stacked100SplineArea

Some of there series was available like CTP in NetAdvantage for Windows Phone Vol.11.1, others are completely new in the new 11.2 Release

Stacked Column Series


Stacked Spline Area Series



  • Correlation Formula

The data correlation formula allows calculation of the correlation between two variables in a set of data displayed in the xamDataChart using the Infragistics Correlation Calculator, which is part of the Infragistics Math Calculators assembly.


  • Error Bars

Error Bars are used when you have a sample of data and you want to show mean , standard deviation, confidence intervals and possible error.

Error Bars are supported in the following Series types:

  • ColumnSeries
  • SplineSeries
  • LineSeries
  • AreaSeries
  • StepLineSeries
  • StepAreaSeries
  • SplineAreaSeries
  • All Scatter-Type Series

Line Series Error Bars


Scatter Series Error Bars



NetAdvantage for Windows Phone Vol.11.2 will be available after few days. Developers could use controls, included in this product to create both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone Mango 7.5 applications. You will have also possibility next days to download samples from Windows Phone Marketplace.