Presentation on AngularJS Tips and Tricks - Event Recap

[Infragistics] Mihail Mateev / Thursday, August 28, 2014

Infragistics Friends group and jQuery Sofia with the help of Infragistics Inc.  organized a presentation on the following topic:  AngularJs Tips and Tricks .

The event was held on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 at Infragistics Bulgaria Office, 110B, Simeonovsko Shosse Bul., Sofia, Bulgaria.

Team  AngularJS Sofia do much to be done the first AngularJS event in this region. The event was of interest to all specialists, using JS / JavaScript frameworks – developers, visual designers, UX, managers. The meeting was supported by Infragistics Inc., Infragistics Friends and jQuery Sofia user groups .

This was a presentation of  two parts for nearly two hours. First part was a deep dive into Angular’s injector object, explaining how dependency injection is working. In the second part, the lecturer shared tips and tricks that he learn by working with AngularJs for more than an year.


The speaker was Radoslav Stankov (,, @rstankov ) .

Radoslav is a web developer for more than a decade. He believes that frontend and backend are equally important. After several years working with Backbone.js, he is sure that AngularJs is the next big step in the evolution of web development.



  • There was 140 registrations + 39 people in the wait list.
  • more than 100 attendees in place
  • 2 hours presentation
  • The first community event focused only on  AngularJS in Sofia.


More pictures from this event are available here.

You can find slides here:
Code samples are available in GitHub here:


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