What's New in IG TestAutomation 2016.2

Michael Germann / Thursday, January 12, 2017

The primary focus for Infragistics Test Automation is to offer you peace of mind. Such that when you develop with our controls, your teams can seamlessly implement automated testing of the user interface (UI) to confidently produce higher-quality releases. IG Test Automation, currently supports our Windows Forms controls via HP’s Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and IBM’s Rational Functional Tester (RFT).  We also support our WPF controls via HP’s UFT.

As IG Test Automation’s purpose is to automate tests of the UI of applications using IG controls, this what’s new will start off with the new controls that you will want to explore and test with and I will follow with changes in existing controls that had changes that would affect how the UI behaved. 

New Controls supported by IG TestAutomation


First up on our list is a new control for Windows Forms, inspired by the Outlook Navigation bar, the Ultra Office Nav Bar provides a simple way to navigate between different views of the same data. This enables you to provide your users with several different presentations and allows them to choose the one that works best for them at any time. This control also enables users to quickly access a subset of their detailed data in a popup “Peek Window” when a user hovers over any item in the control. The Peek Window can contain text or a picture (or a mixture of both) and enables users to see a summary of data for an item without having to open the it. There are many ways to customize the layout and information, and we invite you to explore all the creative ways you can present data to your users with it.


Helping to blur the lines between Windows Forms and WPF, this next control for Windows Forms, added in release 16.2 is the Ultra Zoom Panel. This new control is actually a container that can contain other controls, and it allows the user to zoom in and scroll through the contents of the contained controls. For example; if you were to place one of our Ultra Grid controls inside of an Ultra Zoom Panel, you would have the ability to zoom in on the grid data as shown in this image:

Zoom Panel - zoomed 100%

(Zoom set to 100%)

(Zoom set to 175%)


We’ve redesigned the color-selecting experience to provide a modern UI, allowing you to customize the palette any way you like. The centerpiece of the new color selection experience is the Ultra Color Palette. The Ultra Color Palette is a standalone control and is ready to be added to your Windows form for a direct access color-selecting experience. We support RGB, HSL, or CMYK format as well as five different view styles to choose from.


On the WPF front, the xamCategoryChart is a brand new charting control that makes visualizing category data a breeze. Built on top of the market’s highest performing and feature rich xamDataChart, the xamCategoryChart simplifies the complexities of the data visualization domain into an easy-to-use API. Simply data bind a collection of data, or a collection of collections, to the ItemsSource property and watch the magic happen. The xamCategoryChart will analyze the data and automatically choose the best series to represent your data. You can easily decide for yourself which type of chart to use by setting the xamDataChart.ChartType property. Choose from the following chart types:

  • Line
  • Area
  • Column
  • Point
  • Spline
  • Spline Area
  • Step Areas
  • Step Line
  • Waterfall

IG Controls with UI-Altering Improvements


Our WPF control suite already has one of the best grids available, but in 16.2 we’ve made it even better. We’ve added a “Select All” option to the Field Chooser. This makes it easier for users who have Field Layouts with a lot of fields to select them all without having to check every one.

A great feature of the xamDataGrid is its flexible and rich filtering capabilities. We’ve made a great improvement to filtering by adding a Cross Field Filtering feature. The current xamDataGrid filtering behavior is set to a single field at a time. Users can create as complex a filter as they want, but it can only be applied to a single field. For each field that needs a filter, a new filter must be added to that field.

With Cross Field Filtering, a user can create a single filter and apply to as many fields in a single Field Layout as they want. This means that users can now create filters that include values from many different fields that are in the same Field Layout.

New menu options have been added to the xamDataGrid’s Header Prefix Area that exposes this new cross field filtering feature.

The new cross field filtering dialog looks similar to the existing field filtering dialog, but with the difference in that it provides a ComboBox that allows the end-user to choose which Field to include in the filter.


Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation for HP 16.2

Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation WPF for HP 16.2

Download the free trial of IG TestAutomation for IBM RFT 16.2

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