• Installing/Uninstalling the Version Utility Visual Studio 2010 Extension

    The Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 Version Utility Extension enables you to update solutions, projects, and websites within Visual Studio 2010. The procedures bellow walk you through the process of installing/uninstalling the extension.

    The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 add-in should automatically install into Visual Studio 2008 when you run the Version Utility installer.

    Installing the Utility

    1. From Windows…
    • Mon, Jun 6 2011
  • Using Color Ranges to Visualize Data Distribution in xamTreemap

    The xamTreemap™ control has a predefined value mapper called ColorMapper, which distributes a color among the mapped nodes. The purpose of this mapper is to help users easily spot the distribution of certain values in their data – so the main thing in configuring the mapper is setting the colors for the distribution, not setting colors and their corresponding values.

    The concept of color distribution of the…

    • Thu, Jun 2 2011