NetAdvantage for jQuery Coming Soon!

[Infragistics] Murtaza Abdeali / Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NetAdvantage for jQuery is the same product that Infragistics CTP’d early this year under the name NetAdvantage for Web Developers. Next month, the product is going to RTM with a new name to closely match with its underlying technology. NetAdvantage for jQuery is meant to cater the growing need for client side web development; in addition it supports HTML5, CSS3, and ASP.NET MVC helpers.  The entire component base is per jQuery conventions and standards including styling, which uses theme roller styles. It means that if you have an existing application built using jQuery UI, you can use the jQuery controls that will ship in NetAdvantage for jQuery and they will light up with the jQuery UI theme applied within the application. The controls that will ship in the package include: 

jQuery Grid: 

A completely client side grid control with paging, filtering, sorting capabilities included. A new virtualization mode is available in this grid, which makes it easy to handle and scroll large data set. More details on virtualization can be found here

jQuery File Upload:

The client state of this upload control is purely a jQuery plug-in but it will be accompanied by an HTTP handler for both ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC, which will make it easy for developers to tie the component in with their application. Some of the features include asynchronous uploading, multiple uploads & full UI indication and interaction capabilities including an upload progress bar. 

jQuery Editors:

A full set of editor controls will ship in the product to help with data entry scenarios in your applications. The suite of editors will include date time, mask, text, numeric, and currency inputs. The editor will support full localization capabilities, along with spin button, and will work with jQuery validation. 

jQuery Date Picker: 

A full client side jQuery plug-in that helps users pick date using the date picker control. This can be used as a stand-alone editor or be used in the jQuery grid for picking a date filter in a date column. It is also fully theme roller stylabe as well. 

jQuery Video Player:

The video player uses the HTML5 video tag and adds a complete end-user video playing experience to it. The jQuery video player enhance the video tag with a controls bar with basic video playing interactions, along with booking marking, and full screen mode capabilities. 

jQuery Rating:

This client side rating component can be attached to any article, blog, media an d let the end user rate on the web site content. Comes with a bunch of customizations like different rating symbols, precision mode etc.  

jQuery Datasource:

A data source component than can do much more than just hold client data. This component can act as a DAL between your client application and your data store. It has the ability to mash up data from different sources, connecting to live data feeds, HTML5 web sockets support, and is also compatible with oData protocol (example can be seen here). It can grab data from JSON, XML, HTML formats and can do data operations like sorting, paging and filtering within the data contain in itself on the client, or via a remote operations by making services calls from within the component itself. 

In the upcoming weeks, I will be blogging more in-depth about the control features and how to get started with some examples so stay tuned!!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at