NetAdvantage for Web Client : ASP.NET 2009.2 Just Released!

[Infragistics] Murtaza Abdeali / Monday, October 26, 2009

The moment we all been waiting for has finally arrived. Gort has hatched, and his secret ingredients to build killer ASP.NET applications is used in all the new NetAdvantage for WebClient: ASP.NET 2009 Volume 2 controls shipped today. You can read about all the exciting new features in the toolset here. To check out the controls in action, visit the online samples browser and click on ASP.NET.

Here are some snaps from the samples browser that highlight some of the features of this release:

WebHierarcahicalDataGrid: Multi-Child Bands Display

WebSchedule: Multiple Resources View

WebSchedule: Multi-Day Event Banner

WebDataGrid: Column Fixing

WebHierarchicalDataGrid: Child Band Paging

WebDatePicker : Displaying Drop Down Calendar
WebMonthCalendar : With Localization Support

WebEditors : 6 type of editors controls with unique features 

Shared AJAX Indicator

You can grab the latest bits from the download page. As always, please keep your feature requests and feedback flowing through To get help on any of our products, click here for forums or click here for online documentation.