Windows Forms 2010.1 Launched!

[Infragistics] Murtaza Abdeali / Monday, March 22, 2010

I am proud to announce that we’ve just shipped another great release of the Infragistics Windows Forms product. The Windows Forms features this release is going to take your windows forms application development to a whole new level. Our application styling framework built in 2007 was such a huge hit, that developers want to use it for each and every control they have in their applications, and so this release we have a new MessageBox & a Splitter control that can be styled completely using AppStylist. Well, and the controls that steals the show this release is the UltraGanttView, this control brings the MS Project like interface right within your applications.  

Our website and community site is filled with all the types of content you will need to get started & learn about this awesome release. To learn more about new features, check out what’s new page. To experience the new features, run through our online samples browser, click here to download it.

Here are some of the highlights of this release. 

WinGanttView: Get the Microsoft Project like interface right within your applications with the new WinGanttView. This control is built using the familiar WinGrid & WinSchedule APIs and controls. Even in the first release of this control, the feature settings and user configuration it supports is pretty awesome. You can quickly get your projects data displayed within the UltraGanttView and it will display the tasks on the left using the grid view and the bars on the right within the chart view.  Users can expand collapse the summary tasks, change data, and customize view within the task display pane. Similarly, complete drag and drop support, working/non-working hour display styles, task bars along with percentage complete display is all very easy to configure in this control.   


WinToolbarsManager’s Windows 7 Scenic Ribbon: More and more application are employing ribbons as their choice for navigation, and Microsoft keeps on enhancing it. First it was the Office 2007 Fluid Ribbon, now it’s the new Windows 7 Scenic Ribbon. You can quickly turn your Office 2007 Ribbon into this new ribbon style just by changing a simple DisplayStyle property setting. 


New WinSplitter Control: Tired of using the stock splitter control that you cannot app-style or doesn’t quite fit your needs? The new WinSplitter has all needed features that you would want from a splitter control. From supporting a simple drag to expand and collapse sections of your forms, it can also show a quick button to expand and collapse the region immediately and you can style it using the AppStylist.   


New WinMessageBoxManager: Use the new WinMessageBoxManager to create a nicer message boxes within your applications that can host more than just text and buttons. The MessageBoxes displayed by this new Manager can have different styles for its header, content and footer areas. It hosts a formatted link label which means you can put in rich text and it can be styled via AppStylist as well.   


New WinActivityIndicator Control: This control can bring-in more usability and better experience to your UIs, you can now put an already familiar Vista and Windows 7 activity indicator right in your applications. This can help when you are running long processes in the background and you don’t really know how long something will take to finish. Displaying a nice activity indicator in those circumstances would be a nice indication to the end-user that something is going on in the background and that they have to wait for it to be completed. 


Finally we have made some improvements to the WinComboEditor & WinCombo to support a ‘contains’ condition when performing auto-suggest. Also, we have made some huge performance improvements within the WinFormattedTextEditor control as well. 

So, we are all excited at Infragistics with the launch of 2010 volume 1 product releases across the board. Please check out the bits which you can download from here and let us know what you think.