NucliOS Release Notes - November: 13.1.262, 13.2.146 Service Release

Torrey Betts / Friday, January 10, 2014


With every release comes a set of release notes that reflects the state of resolved bugs and new additions from the previous release. You’ll find the notes useful to help determine the resolution of existing issues from a past release and as a means of determining where to test your applications when upgrading from one version to the next.

Release Notes: NucliOS 2013 Volume 1 Build 262 and NucliOS 2013 Volume 2 Build 146

ComponentProduct ImpactDescriptionService Release
All Enhancement

iOS 64-bit support was added for IG.framework and IGChart.framework.

Note: NucliOS is supported on iOS 6+.

IGChartView Enhancement

Custom markers feature allowing non-interactive and interactive markers.

Note: The IGChartViewDelegate method for custom markers has changed to:

-(UIView *)chartView:(IGChartView *)chartView viewForMarkerInSeries:(IGSeries *)series withItem:(NSObject *)item index:(NSInteger)index originalSourceItem:(NSObject *)originalSourceItem displayOptions:(IGMarkerDisplayOptions *)options

The marker display options include displayAsImage to designate the marker as non-interactive or as interactive when set to YES, showOriginalMarker that shows the original maker under the custom marker, and bringOriginalMarkerToFront which places the original marker in front of the custom marker.

IGPieChartView Enhancement

Rotate pie slice to a specified angle programmatically.

Note: Two method were added the IGPieChartView to allow rotating the pie slice to an angle given the slice index or data point.



IGPieChartView Enhancement

Exploded slice that extends past pie radius instead of separating from the pie.

Note: A new property was added to the IGPieChartView named explodedDisplayStyle. This property accepts the following enumerations.

IGPieSliceExplodedDisplayStyleExtendRadius - Exploded slices extend past the pie radius.

IGPieSliceExplodedDisplayStyleAwayFromCenter - Default display style, separates slices away from the pie when exploded.

Both enumerations use the explodedRadius property to determine the amount to extend or separate from the pie.

IGChartView Bug Fix

Y-Axis Labels get clipped from rotation.

Note: The clipping is averted by repositioning the label and anchoring the end of the label when the angle is between 90 and 270 degrees. Clipping can still occur for the top and bottom labels at the top/bottom of the label panel. This is currently a limitation of the chart.

IGPieChartView Bug Fix

Labels on the right are truncated.

Note: Fixed pie chart labels to display ellipsis when they collide with slices or go outside of the control's bounds.

13.1.262, 13.2.146
IGPieChartView Bug Fix

ItemTapped method doesn't occur if there is only one slice.

Note: Fixed pie chart with a single slice that did not respond to tap and long press gestures.

13.1.262, 13.2.146
IGChartView Bug Fix

Tooltip support for multi-columns in chart.

Note: Added findSeriesAtPoint:(CGPoint)point method to IGChartView. This will help determine which series to display the tooltip for, in case of multiple series in the chart.

13.1.262, 13.2.146
IGRangeSelectorView Bug Fix

IGRangeSelector does not raise the IGChartView delegate methods for chartViewDidScroll / chartViewDidZoom.

Note: When using the IGRangeSelectorView the following IGChartViewDelegate methods were being suppressed:

-(void)chartViewDidScroll:(IGChartView *)chartView
-(void)chartViewDidZoom:(IGChartView *)chartView

Product changed so that these can be registered and used when using the IGRangeSelectorView.

IGChartView Bug Fix

Very high transient memory usage when displaying IGChartView around CFStrings and CFArray.

Note: Added new property to the datasource helper,  autoGenerateLabels.

The datasource helper will avoid creating labels for each data point when autoGenerateLabels is set to NO and there's no labelsPath or labels array provided. Labels can still be placed on the category axis via the chartView:labelForAxis:withItem: method.

13.1.262, 13.2.146
IGTreemapView Bug Fix

IGTreemapView API documentation does not appear in the docset.

Note: The IGChart framework was updated to ensure that the API documentation for tree map is included in the API docset.


By Torrey Betts