NucliOS Release Notes - February: 13.1.275, 13.2.155 Service Release

Torrey Betts / Friday, February 14, 2014


With every release comes a set of release notes that reflects the state of resolved bugs and new additions from the previous release. You’ll find the notes useful to help determine the resolution of existing issues from a past release and as a means of determining where to test your applications when upgrading from one version to the next.

Release Notes: NucliOS 2013 Volume 1 Build 275 and NucliOS 2013 Volume 2 Build 155

ComponentProduct ImpactDescriptionService Release
IGChartView Bug Fix

Exception on tapping the stacked fragment after switching between stacked series.

Note: The findStackedFragmentSeriesAtPoint: method returns a proper index instead of crashing after switching between multiple stacked series.

IGChartView Bug Fix

Cannot add IGChartView to storyboard and Interface Builder.

Note: Added the missing handling of the initWithCoder: method.

13.1.275, 13.2.155
IGTreemapView Bug Fix

Leaf nodes don’t display multiline text.

Note: The IGTreemapView node label can now display multiple lines of text.

IGRangeSelectorView Bug Fix

Zooming with the IGRangeSelectorView zooms IGChartView exponentially.

Note: Fixed IGRangeSelectorView zooming, and added horizontalAutoMargin and verticalAutoMargin properties to the IGChartView.

IGChartView Bug Fix

Chart legend badges don't reflect the series dash array.

Note: Fixed stroke dash array in legend badges.

13.1.275, 13.2.155
IGBulletGraphView, IGGaugeView, IGLinearGaugeView Bug Fix

Setting of transitionDuration doesn’t animate transition when gradient brush is used.

Note: Fixed disappearing gradient brush during animation.


By Torrey Betts