• The UltraWinGrid’s Summary Display Areas - When to use them effectively

    The UltraWinGrid provides countless invaluable data-centric features and can be morphed into many types of views, layouts and styles as the end-user sees fit. When summarizing columns you have the ability to display the results in quite a few places. This article will list and illustrate the different display areas for when the grid is grouped and not grouped; to give you an understanding where the summaries will be positioned…

    • Tue, Dec 8 2015
  • New Series Types for the 15.2 UltraDataChart

    The Windows Forms DataChart has been updated with several new series previously seen on XAML.

    Introducing the Bubble, Polar, Radial, and Stacked series!

    Bubble Series Overview

    The BubbleSeries belongs to a group of Scatter Series that uses the Cartesian (x, y) coordinate system. It uses the DataSource property, like other types of Scatter Series, to bind any data object that implements the IEnumerable interface (e.g…

    • Mon, Nov 2 2015
  • WinPivotGrid - it's not just for OLAP anymore...

    WinPivotGrid - it's not just for OLAP anymore...

    WinPivotGrid is typically associated with OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) data, serving as a front end for MDX and XMLA data sources. It also supports the presentation of non-hierarchical data via the FlatDataSource class.

    This article discusses the new database adapter classes which were added in the 15.2 release to facilitate the presentation of data obtained…

    • Wed, Oct 21 2015
  • New Windows Forms Radial Menu Control

    Introducing the Infragistics Radial Menu (available in NetAdvantage 2013 For WinForms Volume 2).

    You can download a CTP of the Radial Menu component, along with a sample project here.

    Inspired by the radial menu in Microsoft OneNoteMx, the Infragistics UltraRadialMenu component allows you to quickly and easily provide a visually pleasing, easy-to-use menu for both mouse and touch systems.


    Tool Types

    In addition to simple…

    • Thu, Aug 15 2013