New Windows Forms Radial Menu Control

Mike Saltzman / Thursday, August 15, 2013

Introducing the Infragistics Radial Menu (available in NetAdvantage 2013 For WinForms Volume 2).

You can download a CTP of the Radial Menu component, along with a sample project here.

Inspired by the radial menu in Microsoft OneNoteMx, the Infragistics UltraRadialMenu component allows you to quickly and easily provide a visually pleasing, easy-to-use menu for both mouse and touch systems.


Tool Types

In addition to simple button tools (which can be checkable) UltraRadialMenu has support for a variety of tools types such as…

Color Tools – the robust Radial Menu designer allows you to instantly create a categorized color tree just like OneNote Mx with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Or a simple Roy G. Biv color chooser…

Or, you can use any combination of ColorTools and ColorWellTools to create your own.

Numeric Tools – The Numeric and NumericGauge tools allow your user to easily choose a numeric value, such as a font size.

List / FontNameList Tool – With the List Tool or FontNameList , you can easily provide your user with a list of options to choose from:


Of course, UltraRadialMenu supports all the features of the Infragistics Winforms Presentation Layer framework. Every element is full stylable either in code or using AppStylist.


Adjust the number of wedges, rotation, and Size of the menu…

You can download a CTP of the UltraRadialMenu component below.