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[Infragistics] Tony Lombardo
[Infragistics] Tony Lombardo 0

I joined Infragistics as an undergraduate at Rutgers, majoring in Computer Science.  I decided to go for the Bachelor of Science, because I thought getting a Bachelor of Arts in Compuer Science just sounded strange.  At the time, ProtoView and Sheridan were just inking the deal that would form Infragistics.  I started out on the ProtoView side, in the support department.  I still have nighmares about ActiveX controls, and debugging crazy dll/ocx dependancy issues. 

2001 was a great time to be in the software business.  Even though the .COM bubble had just busted, Microsot was about to release this new SKD called ".NET"  I think we all know how that venture turned out..  So after putting in my time in support, I moved into a development spot where I got to work on Java and ASP.NET.  Eventually I focussed all of my attention on ASP.NET, building some of the controls you're probably using today. 

After a couple of years on the development team, I decided to try my hand at Product Management.  It was an eye opening experience.  I finally knew where the features I had been building for years were coming from!  I managed the ASP.NET product for about a year, before moving over to Evangelism.  I still get to give input on the products and talk to customers, but now I don't have to worry about actually writing the requirements documents anymore - phew! 

I'm now leading up a team of Developer Evangelists spread around the world.  I'm sure you've seen these guys, as they're constantly talking at usersgroups, code camps, and even tradeshows.  And if you don't have a chance to see these guys in person, you can listen to their voices in podcasts and screencasts all up on

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