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PDB files for NetAdvantage Assemblies


I've send an email to '' and '' on 2. July 2008, but didn't receive any answer. Perhaps this forum is observed better than the email accounts, and I will get an answer to my question.

My email:


Dear Mr. McDonald,

A year ago we’ve submitted the incident Gen7672 where we asked to publish the PDB files for NetAdvantage Assemblies. After some follow up questions from Jason Beres the incident was resolved, and PDB files were published for Volume 8.1. They are now again absent in Volume 8.2. We desperately miss these files because we need them to fix and workaround bugs in NetAdvantage assemblies in situations when even our priority support cannot help.


Today Infragistics Support (Piyush Sharma) has forwarded us to you for solving of this issue.


Once more our argumentation from 26. June 2007


FYI: I've already read knowledge base article on your website

"1. We have approximately 100 Projects in several solutions. Our projects are updated regularly (internal development and updates to new Infragistics versions).
2. You don't provide in downloadable source code any global solution, which means that if I want to debug Infragistics.Win, and our assemblies reference Infragistics2.Win.UltraWinGrid (what they of course do), then I need to
a) Manually find out the dependences between your assemblies in order to compute the compilation and linking order
b) Manually reconstruct the environment (which would be copying the referenced assemblies into D:\WORK\BUILD\20063CLR2\CleanedSource\6.3.20063.53\Target\ according to your .csproj files) for each dependent Infragistics assembly (such as Infragistics2.Win.UltraWinGrid)
c) Manually rebuild each dependent assembly"


I hope you understand that it is neither efficient nor acceptable for all your customers to invest this time and efforts each time customer projects are changed or moved to a new NetAdvantage version. Hopefully PDB files will be made available soon again.




Andrej Kuklin