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Point of Sale Support In Infragistics Products

I will soon be creating a web based point of sale system which will run in the browser. The main POS screen will need to support sales header information and then a number of line items. The number of line items could be 100 or more for a given sale. Being able to enter a sale as quickly as possible (especially the line items) will be the primary goal. Does Infragistics have any tools / widgets to hekp create such a POS browser page?

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    Offline posted in reply to Randy Minder

    Hi Randy,

    This online sample shows how you can use the igGrid to enter items quickly and navigate with the keyboard.  The sample has some configuration options below the grid.  I recommend unchecking the "Show Done/Cancel Buttons" checkbox for quicker navigation.

    Pressing F2 or enter or clicking on a cell will let you edit it.  Pressing enter while editing will commit any changes to the row and begin editing the next row.  Pressing ESC will cancel the changes.  Pressing tab while editing will move to the next cell.  Holding shift and pressing enter/tab will navigate to the previous row/cell.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.