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Urgent: How to stop format Editor called again and again in Ultragrid

We have created a format editor on one column and while moving the mouse it always called editor regardless of we are editing anything or not on that column.

The editor should called at editing time only.

So is there any way we can stop calling editor on mouse move.

We are adding Format editor at initializelayout event at column level.

this.DisplayLayout.Bands[0].Columns[STARTDATE].Editor.DataFilter = new DateValidator.DateTimeStringFilter();

We have tried to put the same code at BeforeCellDeactivate event but still after attaching the column with editor, the editor is called again and again on mouse move.

Does it effect the performance if we have 10,000 records in the grid.

Please provide if there is any solution. We need it asap.


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    Hello Garima,

    From the code snippet, you provided it seems that your DateTimeStringFilter implements IEditorDataFilter interface. However, I am not sure where your issue is. If your issue is that IEditorDataFilter is called each time, the mouse moves over a grid cell, this is expected behavior. When you move the mouse over the cell, this cell may need to repaint and this involves IEditorDataFilter in the process. However, this should not introduce any performance issues as only one cell is involved in this action. Therefore, if your grid has 100 or 100 000 cells it will take the same time to repaint the cell.

    If this is not your issue please let me know what you meant by “is there any way we can stop calling editor on mouse move”? What you mean by calling the editor? What editor is in this context?

    Looking forward to your reply.

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