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Documentation site code error

I just purchased IG Ult 2018.1 the other day and it had been awhile since I had used the tools so I decided to spend some time in the documentation.
First stop was here:
Everything was okay until I noticed that many of the pages had the texts of the 'Definition' column cut off.
An example can be seen here.
I tried to adjust font size, and other browser settings but I still saw something like this on many of the help files:

I use the Firefox browser which can be less forgiving than IE so I tried it, too. Either way the Definition column was still cut off. A quick glance at the page source shows a repeated error within your help site's codebase; looks like it might have been replicated with a Find/Replace since it is 'everywhere'.
The code error is shown below:

I think that Table tag error may be causing the subsequent TH and/or TR tags to default to a previously defined width, it is a little difficult for me to be sure without a closer examination of the CSS, HTML.
I have been mostly WinForms for the last decade so someone at your end can probably debug it quicker than me :)

I imagined that you would want to fix this. I look forward to creating my next multi million dollar using my new IG toolkit.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Mitch,

    Thank you for your documentation issue report!

    I have been discussing this with my teammates, and this issue is stemming from the fact that the “Class” column is auto-sizing to the largest entry in that column and the Description column has a fixed width. In the link you have provided, to see this, I would recommend scrolling to the bottom of the “Classes” section. Six entries from the bottom of this table, you should see a nested UltraExplorerBarKeyActionMappingsCollection.UltraExplorerBarKeyActionMappingEnumerator class. You should also see a horizontal scrollbar to be able to work around this issue for the moment.

    I will be logging this issue in our internal tracking systems and we will be discussing what should be done with the API documents for these massive nested class names, as well as whether we should wrap the Description column rather than giving it a set, fixed width.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.