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Cyber Concerns

My company has been using Infragistics for WPF for about 10+ years now.  The newest version has many cloud features which has worried the company's cyber security department.   We just want to use the WPF modules for our desktop applications, can we exclude or isolate the cloud features to add firewall rules for them?   Ideally, we would just like to purchase the WPF components, but it seems they can only be packaged with the ultimate bundle, so I am not sure what our options are.  

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appricated as our purchase request for this software will most likely be blocked if we cannot resolve the issue of the bundled modules that have cloud connectivity.

Thank you,


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    Hello Aaron, 

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics. Please clarify if you have encountered issues with our installers. We don't have any exclusive cloud connectivity software being used within our tools and installers. Each of our platform's tools can be installed standalone within the downloads page of your account if you wish to not use our platform installer. Let me know if you have any questions.