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True footer functionality for the IgxGrid


Your documentation only mentions the Summary component for use when displaying data at the bottom of a grid. The problem with that control is it is tied to an individual column.

It's not uncommon to have a footer row that shows many different summaries that aren't tied to individual columns.

For example, I have a column that shows any of several status types for each record. I want to show, in the footer, a count that looks like this: Status1: Count | Status2: Count | Status3: Count. This doesn't seem possible with the Summary component.

How can this currently be achieved?

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    As you have seen the Igx-Grid component provides a summary only per column. Before version 7.1.x summaries was calculated only at root level and displayed in the grid footer. But currently in our latest official release (v. 7.1.1) summaries are available and on child level with Group By and also in our Igx-Tree-Grid component.  You can read more information in our documentation.

    So one way I can suggest you to solve your issue is to perform grouping by the column that shows the different statuses and to enable summaries for child levels.

    Another approach I can suggest you is to define a custom summary for one or more columns like in the example. You can see that I have implemented a custom summary class with custom functions that counts the number of discounted and the items in regular price.

    As you can see in our road map, next milestone for 28.02.2019 is to implement multi cell selection feature, which will most probably gives you the opportunity to see a status bar with information about the selected range.
    If no one of the listed options fulfill your needs then I suggest you to log an issue as a feature request in our GitHub repository and it will be discussed and planned to be implemented as soon as possible.

    If you need any further assistance, please contact us.