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deselectRows function not working in igx-grid


I'm using igniteui-angular version 8.0.3.

In igx-grid, I have one column which is editable. it is of type number.

Also rowSelectable configuration kept as true.

my requirement is when input is > 0, want to select that row from code.

That's working fine with selectRows() function.

But in this selected row, when i changed the input suppose to 0 or < 0, want to deselect the row from code.

its not working using deselectRows().

Help me to resolve this.


Akshay Kale

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    Offline posted

    Hi, Akshay.

    Thank you for using our product.

    Here is a demo using deselectRows() method. Can you use it to apply your code so that we can investigate further in which case the deselectRows() method is not working? Thank you in advance for cooperation!

    Best regards,

    Nikolay Alipiev

    Software Developer

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