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Selected Cell copy and paste


Is it possible to copy only the value inside the selected cell and not add the column header?

For example, copying the selected cell using ctrl+c and pasting it gives the result :

"Order ID 10672" instead of just "10672".

The stackblitz of this example is from the sorting section :

Copying a cell on the stackblitz only returns the column name.

Thanks in advance,

John Hong

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    Hey John,

    Thank you for your question!

    Yes, you can define your own clipboardOptions configuration and set the `copyHeaders` property, to false. Have a look at our official documentation for more information. I believe you will find the demo very helpful.

    <igx-grid #grid [data]="data" primaryKey="ID" rowEditable="true" (onColumnInit)="initColumn($event)"
                        [showToolbar]="true" [clipboardOptions]="options" [autoGenerate]="true">
        public options = {
            enabled: true,
            copyHeaders: true,
            copyFormatters: true,
            separator: "\t"