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Complete Walkthru

Can I get a complete walk thru of how to get upload working?  I'm gone through entire online documentation and it is scattered.  There doesn't seem to be a troubleshooting area.  Here's what we have so far:

I've added this in the web config:

  <add value="~/Uploads" key="fileUploadPath" /> 
  <add value="100000000" key="maxFileSizeLimit" />
  <add type="Infragistics.Web.Mvc.UploadStatusHandler" name="IGUploadStatusHandler" precondition="integratedMode" verb="*" path="IGUploadStatusHandler.ashx" />

Future Suggestion: Possibly prefix the company name with the settings to prevent naming collisions. Such as "Infragistics:fileUploadPath".

I've added this in the global.asax:

    UploadProgressManager.Instance.AddFileUploadingEventHandler("igProductUpload", (s, e) =>

    UploadProgressManager.Instance.AddFinishedUploadEventHandler("igProductUpload", (s, e) =>

    UploadProgressManager.Instance.AddFinishingUploadEventHandler("igProductUpload", (s, e) =>

    UploadProgressManager.Instance.AddStartingUploadEventHandler("igProductUpload", (s, e) =>

No breakpoints ever fire.

I've added this in the client:

        mode: "single"        

Testing locally in a Visual Studio Development Server, I can select a file and click upload. The file looks like it uploads VERY FAST! But I don't see any fiddler logs nor do I see a file being upload to the BIN folder or do any of the events fire.

So what I am missing? How do I troubleshoot this further?