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igNumericEditor Validation Min and Max

Hi Team,

in igNumericEditor we have min and max range if it not met the criteria for example 

if range is 2 to 10

i have enter 1 it is showing the message but if going out of that control it is rounding off to 2 because min value is 2 

same case if i enter 12 it will be rounding off to 10 if i lost the focus.

So here can we do show the error message with no change in the value in the field 

like this if i enter the 1 it need to show Please enter with in the range if i lost the focus also dont round the value (Place same 1 in the field) and show the error message can we do this like a required field.

Because if lost focus also the message will shown to us.

Thanks & Regards,


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