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Select item from igCombo by Value

I'm loading JSON data into an igCombo via the dataSource property. I've set the valueKey of the igCombo to a property of the JSON data. I would like to select an item from the igCombo by the value of the property set by the valueKey.


var jsonData = [
{textValue: "this is dummy data", importantId: 1 },
{textValue: "this is also dummy data", importantId: 2 }
width: "270px",
dataSource: jsonData,
textKey: "textValue",
valueKey: "importantId"
//Now I need to add code that would select the second item
//("{textValue: "this is also dummy data", importantId: 2}")
//from the igCombo.
//The API suggests that the "select" method
//should be used.
//Neither of these lines work as expected.

$("#checkboxSelectCombo1").igCombo("select", jsonData[1]);
$("#checkboxSelectCombo1").igCombo("select", {importantId: 2});
$("#checkboxSelectCombo1").igCombo("select", 2);


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    Verified Answer

    I found the answer after some trial and error. The "value" method ( is the one that should be used.

    $("#checkboxSelectCombo1").igCombo("value", 2);