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How to create multiple category in xAxis or yAxis in a chart?

I'm making a chart with a pivot by JS:

Currently, the chart is working well when the pivot has 1 row and one column. But when the pivot has 2 row and one column, it is not working.
I want to display it with more categories on the xAxis, yAxis as this example:

However, I found that the support was only in ASP / .NET. Have you supported it on JS?

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    Hello Duong Ngo,

    Could you tell me more exactly what your problem is?
    How is the chart not working?

    I looked at As far as I see, the chart is updated expectedly when the "+ All Periods" is expanded so that the pivot grid has more than one row. Looking at updateChart function in the sample code in "Code View", you can also see how to update the chart.

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    Noriko I.
    Developer Support Engineer
    Infragistics, Inc.

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