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Sending parameters with fileUpload

Ive tried this and e.AdditionaldataFields is always null serverside, can you provide a working example ?

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    Hello Mark,

    I'm attaching a sample for your reference.

    In the sample the "Index.cshtml" contains the igUpload configuration where the ID("upload1") and ControlId("upload1") are set in order to make the client-side and server-side event wiring. Also the onFormDataSubmit event is handled in order to send the additional data with the file upload to the server:

        $(function () {
            $("#upload1").on("iguploadonformdatasubmit", function (evt, ui) {
                $("#upload1").igUpload("addDataField", ui.formData, { "name": "Test Name", "value": "Test value" });

    In "Global.asax" there is the server-side event wiring with this code:

    UploadProgressManager.Instance.AddStartingUploadEventHandler("upload1", new EventHandler<UploadStartingEventArgs>(HomeController.igUpload_UploadStarting));

    In the "HomeController.cs" there is the server-side "StartingUpload" event handler:

    public static void igUpload_UploadStarting(object sender, Infragistics.Web.Mvc.UploadStartingEventArgs e)
        foreach (var dataField in e.AdditionalDataFields)
            string fieldName = dataField.Name;
            string fieldValue = dataField.Value;

    Best regards,
    Martin Pavlov
    Infragistics, Inc.