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Dialog Edit with multiselect igCombo not selecting items

I am having issues trying to set the selected items in the multiSelection combo box.
I have an array propery bound to the 'Products' column in the grid.  when the edit dialog opens, the multiSelection combo box checks the item if there is only one in the array, but if there are many, no items are being selected.

How can i select all items from the bound array column when the edit dialog opens?

The example attached as two records that have multiple products assign and would like to see these items to be checked and selected in the multisection combobox.

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    Offline posted in reply to Ben Hull

    Hello Ben
    In the grid configuration of the sample previously attached I noticed that the
    mode option of the combo editor is set to “dropdown”. When this mode it used, only values from the drop down list can be selected. This is the reason why the first item is always selected (if there is no match with the combo data source) and there is no “select..” text in the input area.
    When you need a placeholder where you can type the options, “editable” mode can be used. This mode will allow you to modify value by edit field and drop down list. It also can be configured to not allow custom values
    Here is an example on how to set the editor:

    editorOptions: {
        mode: "editable",
        allowCustomValues: false,
        width: "340px",
        dataSource: list

    Attached you can find an updated sample with editable combo functionality.
    In case that you have additional questions do not hesitate to ask them.