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Pictures get messed up by igSpreadsheet


unfortunatly we're running again into issues with the spreadsheet component. We tested this with our app and your example ( as well.

When opening an existing xlsx-File the images in that File get interchanged, when scrolling around the images tend to flicker and interchange (somewhat hard to describe). The displayed images are always the same, while not necessary the one in the following example (feels like the displayed image is picked randomly).

Here is a screenshot from Excel (how it should look like) and what it looks like with igSpreadsheet:


I'm also providing the xlsx to reproduce it with:Mappe1.xlsx

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    The issue is caused by the name box of the images. By default when an image is inserted in excel, it is wrapped in a shape and an unique name is assigned to it. In the provided file however the names are the same. By renaming the shapes' names the issue is resolved.

    I have attached the excel file for your reference. Please let me know if you need any further assistance with this matter.


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