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no compatible video source


i try to use the Video Control in an webform (Version 12.1, .Net 4.0). I set the video source to an local mp4 file or a mp4 file on a webserver. I can open the file in an IE9 with no problems (


But the IG VideoControl load and say 'no compatible video source' i each browser i try. Any idea?




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    Hi Patric,

    igVideoPlayer control actually uses HTML 5 VIDEO tag under the hood. I've tried to create very simple web page with only VIDEO element in it and your video didn't play, so the problem is that your video is not encoded in the right format defined in the specification of the VIDEO element. You can look at Mark Pilgrim's "Video on the web" chapter from Dive Into HTML 5 online book to get understanding of the VIDEO element.

    Now I would ask myself: "But why the browsers play the video when it's not embedded into an html page?" and the answer is that the VIDEO tag follows a specification on how the video should be encoded in order to run on many platforms, so there are restrictions (I guess that the browsers check if the video is encoded with one of the supported formats by the specification.)

    My advice is to encode your video in one of the supported formats by the VIDEO element. If you manage to run it with VIDEO element, then it will also run with igVideoPlayer.


    Best regards,

    Martin Pavlov

    Infragistics, Inc.