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Displaying Column in a Row Edit Template when it's Hidden in the igGrid


I would like to know how to display columns that are hidden in my igGrid in the Row Edit Dialog Row Template. I thought that I would be able to do this, but haven't found a way nor any information in the documents. I am not auto-generating columns, but configuring each column manually and certain columns I have configured as "hidden: true" since I do not want them to appear in the igGrid itself, but would like them to appear in my Row Edit Template. Can you please shed some light as to getting this functionality to work?

Thanks in advance

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    Let's assume that you have the second column (with index 1) of your grid hidden.

    It's possible to display hidden columns in the Row Edit Dialog Row Template using the rowEditDialogOpening and rowEditDialogOpened events.

    Here is an example:

    rowEditDialogOpening: function(event, ui) {

        // Make the desired column visible

        ui.owner.grid.options.columns[1].hidden = false;
    rowEditDialogOpened: function(event, ui) {

        // Restore back the initial state
        ui.owner.grid.options.columns[1].hidden = true;

    The idea is to change the column visibility before the RET dialog renders and restore the initial state after it's rendered.

    I hope that helps you.