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Commenting on States clarification

Hey all,

Was just wondering if you could clarify what the perceived workflow would be with dealing with comments on states. Here's what I thought:

  • View comment on a state
  • Fix issue.
  • Archive comment.

Was a little confused cause when I clicked Follow Up, I think my first thoughts were that I would be able to comment on that issue as if it was a thread or if I needed clarification. I noticed that when I click Follow Up, it changes to "resolve." Is that just saying I have to work on it again? I was almost thinking it made more sense to have Follow Up and Resolved as the main with the archive as the third. If I needed clarification, I would click Follow Up to discuss and if I finished it, I would make it "Resolved" and then one of us could archive it when it's reviewed and completed. 

Again, not trying to tell you to change anything...just the thoughts I had when I saw it and wondered if maybe I was using it wrong, etc. 



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    Hi, Charles.

    Follow-up and archive options are only available to the prototype owner, and not to the regular viewers.

    Whether you archive a comment completely is up to you. But when you archive, it's removed from the comments side-bar for everyone. Archiving may help in situations where you iterated a screen so often that the original comment is now just noise/out-of-context. And instead of confusing other reviewers, you archived it altogether so that the remaining comments are focused on the design at hand.

    In related news, we are about to release an update to commenting. If you can email us at, I can share these changes with you. It's related to what you mentioned in your post. 

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    Hi, Charles!

    A lot has been going on since you wrote. In our latest version we have simplified the Follow up and Resolve actions. In latest version instead of having both actions, we only support a Bookmark action to highlight threads that the prototype owner wants to follow up.

    Once again, thank you for helping us make Indigo better. If you have any questions or more feedback about the product, we'd love to get your thoughts.

    Best regards,
    Indigo Studio Team