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Change a screenpart instance state

I have the following issue with a screenpart. In my design I use this library: made by reiss.cashmore. It has a textfield screenpart with various states and animations:

When I use this screenpart in a design I can only edit the Initial State of this instance. But how can I edit the instance's other state and how can I force the screenpart instance to start at a certain state?

Take for example the following issue:

I have an instance of the screenpart and a clickable item. When I run the design I can enter text in the textfield, but when I click on the clickable item I would like to have the text in the textfield to be updated and have the screenpart state be set to the last state. How can I do this? 

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    Hi Jordy,

    At the moment, is not possible to either set the start state of a screenpart instance, nor to change a screenpart instance state different from the start state.

    Both items are already on our backlog and we plan to include them on future updates, since we now have good ideas on how to tackle the problem (which is a bit more nuanced than how it looks).

    The only alternative now is to duplicate the screenpart source, edit it, and use that new screenpart instead of the other.

    Let us know if we can be of any further help!