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Indigo Studio (Desktop) in a virtual machine

With the release of macOS Catalina, Silverlight is no longer supported as it is 32-bit and therefore Indigo Studio will no longer work.

While I have transition over to Sketch and the Indigo Design assets for Sketch, I still have existing designs and prototypes that need to be maintained.

Using VMWare Fusion I created a virtual machine for macOS High Sierra so I could still run 32-bit application as needed. However, Indigo Studio will not get past the "Splash" page -- it will not load the user interface. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight in the environment, but it appears to be running. The problem appears to be Indigo Studio.

Here's a screenshot of Indigo Studio runnin in macOS High Sierra in a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion)...

I am able to run Indigo Studio in Windows 10 Pro, running in a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion) and it does work OK. But I am unable to view Code Snippets. It displays "An error happened while generating the Code Snippet".

Here's a screenshot of Indigo Studio running on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) in a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion)...

Has anyone tried to create a virtual machine on their Mac, and are able to run Indigo Studio and access all of it's feature (ie. Code Snippets)?

FYI... I also install Parallels (competitor to VMWare Fusion) and with the same problems