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Disconnected State


I have problem with Disconnected State after relink any state. Can I update interaction links automatically?

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    Hi, Makalai.

    If I understood your question correctly, you were asking how states get disconnected and why it does not connect automatically or how to connect them back.

    The other way to interpret this question is that when you rename screens in your prototype, the original NAVIGATE TO SCREEN interactions are broken. This particular issue will be improved in our most recent update (Indigo Studio Update 3), where we have added the feature to dynamically update navigation links between screens. We are about to publish this update to our users.

    If your question is still about disconnected states in the interaction explorer, read on...

    Say for example, you have two states. In one state there is a Text entry window, and on tapping JOIN button, the user proceeds to the next state, which is the JOINED MEETING  state. 

    But after you completed this, you wish to create an error state. As in, if the Meeting ID is empty, and when the user clicks on JOIN, it should take the user to a error state. For this you edit the original interaction on the JOIN button in the following manner:

    1. Click on edit interaction icon on the JOIN button and "Change what happens"
    2. Create a new state, and make changes to make it look like an error state.

    Doing this will change the original flow (Tap on Sign in takes user to Signed in State) to a new flow (Tap on Sign when text field is empty to Error state) as shown in the figure below. As you can now see, we have create a disconnected state. A disconnected state merely communicates that there is no interaction pointing to this state. In general, having disconnected states are not useful for the prototype as there is no way a user can get to this state.

    To make this work like intended, from the start state, we will add a parallel interaction. That is,

    1. when the user makes changes to the MEETING ID field, create a new state, which will be called "Changes Text Field". 
    2. From this newly created state, we will edit the interaction on the JOIN button to point it to the originally disconnected state. The previous interaction on the JOIN button was pointing to the error state. But we don't need that anymore. 
    3. Doing this will automatically rename "disconnected state" to interaction you have defined. The Interaction Explorer will now look like this: