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Navigating to another screen (with images as bg) flashes white


I'm having a problem where if I'm navigating between screens with images as a background, a quick white flash shows up in between the screen changes. It's relatively fast when navigating but is very noticeable at the end of animations where I add a 'Change/Navigate at End' to navigate to another screen. This does not seem to happen with coloured rectangles as the background, which transitions smoothly without a problem.

I've tried playing around with it but I can't seem to fix the problem. I find that the white flashes really pulls you away from the whole interactive experience.

That aside, I'm really enjoying playing around with Indigo Studio, it's great :)


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    Yes... regrettably the prototype's player does not pre-load the images, which causes a delay and associated flicker when changing from one screen to another, since the image needs to be downloaded. If it's a big image, the flicker will be noticeable. This is a known issue, and we will be working on it. 

    Do you also notice this when running it from preview?

    For running a shared prototype, my only suggestion for now would be to run it once first, since all images are then cached and should be displayed reasonably fast. Reducing the image size might also help. We didn't prioritize the screenshots+hotspots (or the proto with big background image) scenario initially because we wanted to focus on interactive prototypes instead of static ones, but obviously there are a lot of important scenarios where this is needed.

    I will log this in as a bug so we can notify you immediately once it's published.

    Thanks for the input!

    Best regards,


    Indigo Studio Team.

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