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What's new in version 3

Hi Indigo people, 

Thanks for the nice screen part functionality. Where can I find the what's new in the new version 3? I closed the what's new dialog too soon. I would like to use the whole product.. :) 


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    Hello Jacob,


    Thank you for your post. This is the release notes form the update window:


    Version 3 & Introducing Screenparts — NEW!


    Screenparts let you reuse parts of your designs across screens and projects. You can create reusable custom buttons, dialogs, or navigation toolbars; even add the entire screen as a screenpart to use as a master. You can also create interactive widgets by adding interactions inside each screenpart!


    Customize screenpart instances, as required, for any screen


    After creating a new screenpart or converting an existing UI element into a screenpart, you have full creative control to override the screenpart instance. And just as easily reset the instance to the original screenpart.


    Change source screenpart to update everywhere


    Screenparts can be used as master elements on your screen. Any changes made to the source screenpart are automatically reflected wherever the screenpart is used. The screenpart can contain a single UI element (e.g., button), a collection of elements (e.g., footer design), or an entire page layout (e.g., Home page).


    Create interaction flows inside screenparts with states


    Define user interactions on the source screenpart. You can either define screenpart states to simulate widget-like functionality or add navigation interactions to reuse screenparts to navigate across screens.


    Easily organize your screenpart/Custom UI Library


    Add custom categories to organize screenparts in your UI library. You can also add a screenpart to multiple libraries by right clicking on it and using the context menu.


    Export screenparts to use in a different project


    Exporting screenparts packages up used images and categories. When you add it to another project, your screenpart library comes organized and ready to go.


    Let me know, if you need any further assistance on this matter.

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