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Error in ParallelPeriod Calculated Members

I found an issue when upgarding my reports to the new version of Report Plus. All my reports that contain Last Year Variables (calculated by means of ParallelPeriod MDX function) are not working now. I tried to understand this problem and realize that the application is building the MDX queries in an entirely different way it did on the last version. Are you aware of this issue? Are you planning to make it work on a next release?


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    Hi Oscar,

    we've identified a problem in the MDX queries generated for v3, we're working to include a fix for this issue in the next update to be released asap.

    It would be great if you send us both queries, the MDX query in the last version and the MDX query in the current version, so we can confirm the fix covers your case.

    You can contact me by e-mail: mrostan at