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Old Product Install Fails with New Key

We purchased a few licenses of your NetAdvantage for .NET product some years ago. I’m part of a team that was tasked with doing some minor upgrades to a project that was developed with these tools. As such, I’ve had one of the licenses transferred to my account. However, I’m unable to install the product because of a key registration issue.

The error reads: Invalid CD-Key!

Any suggestions?


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    It is possible that rebooting the machine might actually be enough to address the issue as sometimes with our older installers a bad key would be cached if entered incorrectly.  Note that this sometimes happens if the key is copied and pasted from a rich text source like MS Word or a Web Browser and can be avoided by typing the key into the installer (after rebooting).

    Other things you can try or look at include:

    • Start up a command prompt as an administrator and launch the file from there.  That way, we ensure the installer starts with administrative permissions.
    • Check if there’s an anti-virus program that’s blocking the custom action we need to run to verify the key.
    • The custom actions may fail if there are issues with running vbscript on that particular machine.

    If the issue is just on this machine, you could also try installing as a trial and run the installer on another machine and export the registry keys added in the installation and import them on the machine with the issue.

    Let me know if you have any questions with this matter.

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