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UltraWebGrid Error: document.getBoxObjectFor is not a function

Using version 9.2.20092.2025 (also tested in 8.2) and FireFox 3.6

Anytime I try to sort or basically anything with JavaScript I get the error:

Error: document.getBoxObjectFor is not a function

And the section in the source file looks like this:

else if (ig_csom.IsFireFox && document.getBoxObjectFor(elem))
var rect = document.getBoxObjectFor(elem);
r.x = rect.x;
r.y = rect.y;
r.w = rect.width;
r.h = rect.height;

Can anyone else confirm this?

Basically the grid is completely broken in this new version of FireFox.



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    Suggested Answer

    Looks like the Infragistics grid was using a deprecated function. For a quick fix, add the following snippet to your page(s) or a javascript file (i'll probably extend it later to behave exactly like the missing function):


    if (!document.getBoxObjectFor) {
      document.getBoxObjectFor = function(el) {
        var b = el.getBoundingClientRect();
        return { x: b.left, y:, width: b.width, height: b.height };