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A single Report Viewer, but multiple reports

Hey tehre infragistics team,


I am currently testing your new Reporting Solution...which is of to a great start...but still lacks in a lot of fields. Well, for now I want to do the following:


I use Visual Studio 2010 and created two reporting files (*.igr) within my project.

I formatted those reports and create a simple dialog with the UltraWinReportViewer Control.

I can now bind a report to the Report Viewer.... but what i basicly want is to bind more then one report to the viewer (ut only one at a time)


What I wish for is to call my dialog something like this:

Dim _dlg as new dlgReportViewer("order.igr")

Dim _param As New Infragistics.Win.UltraWinReportViewer.Parameter()

_param.ParameterName = "Order_ID"             

_param.ParameterValue = m_Order.ID





and ....voila! I can bind a report by using my constuctor.... unfortunately it seems I need to create one Reporting Dialog for each report file....which would be seriously stupid....and knowing the intelligent people at Infragistics I just know there must be a better way to do this.


Let me ask you one more thing: Where do you wish to go with your Reporting Solution? It has a lot of great features allready but is missing pretty basic things too (Grid-Lines for better alignment, resizing the grid-cells for better aligning, vertical lines, rtf-support, more charts, ...)

I wish you best of luck with this product and hope for a quick reply.