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Sheridan Datawidgets SSDBGrid display issue when selecting a field

Whenever I click in a field for SSDBGrid I get all the characters for that field replaced with [] type characters, as seen here: Some field replace all characters with those characters, some fields replace all but the last character. I have an identical form being used in another program and the control works without issue there, I have tried copying over that form and replacing the problematic one but that has not fixed the issue. Also on my co-workers computer those [] characters are instead japanese or chinese characters, I'm unsure. I imagine I am lacking that font pack and am seeing the [] characters instead for that reason.

This issue only appears when the compiled exe is run, in debug mode the form works as expected.

The only difference I can see between the two is that the working form + control is being called from the parent form, whereas the program that has an issue is calling first a child form, and that child form is calling a second child form containing the SSDBGrid.

Any help would be appreciated, also I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post for help for this control, but it seems to be the most appropriate place I could find.